submissives owning your own toys

submissives owning your own toys

In BDSM we all take some sort of risk, while we push our limits and those of the ones we’re playing with, one risk can be easily avoided. STI/STD transfer from your toys.

Do you trust your play partner(s) enough to properly clean their toys using safe methods? There is a whole other way to clean your toys, especially if you have multiple play partners.

submissives owning your own toys

One way is to use a black light and shine on your air exposed toys while hanging, and keep turning over the week after the last play session. And repeat, for a week, however still one of the safest methods.

Some people use cleaners, however cleaners have some chemicals which can be so harsh on your toys! Not only stripping the suppleness of the leather, it could also cause the leather to crack to the point of it breaking apart and disintegrating while play is on going. As has been known to happen, especially those sex store toys.

What we suggest and are Encouraging with the support of various Tops and Dominants is this: you the submissive purchase your own floggers and cuffs. Having your own floggers does a few things, primarily it gives you the reassurance that no STI/STD transfer will happen because these are toys used only on you by your  play partner. Also good for those occasional players.

Secondly, owning your own toys also gives you the comfort of knowing only your toys in your toy bag, may be used during your play. Just be careful what you put into the bag.

This can also Challenge Your play partner to use their creativity, to step up to the challenge of creating a scene using only your toys. Which solves the issue of a boring play scene!

submissives owning your own toys

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