Lifetime Guarantee

"All Items crafted by Dreams of Leather carry a Lifetime Guarantee:
Work guaranteed for Repair or Replacement at Dreams of Leather’s determination, shipped at our cost, for any item subjected to Reasonable Use.


We do have a Lifetime Guarantee!   Do the other guys have a guarantee?  How many times have you had your flogger break and nothing you can do about it? Well the only thing you could do about it, is to go back to the seedy sex shop and buy more...

With "reasonable use" meaning you're using your new leather floggers during a BDSM scene, and not using your brand new handcrafted leather flogger to tow your buddy's truck out of the ditch..

Also, you're not using the leather floggers for fishing..

Just using it on consenting willing partners or play mates. Our leather floggers will stand up and deliver, giving the level of intensity that you're looking for.

Yet you always have the Lifetime Guarantee to fall back on.  This is an investment quality and not just another sex store purchase.

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