Future of Lupercalia?

We have Not officially learned of the fate of Lupercalia, nor of it's demise, however, still sad to have it no longer an educational and fun weekend.

The BDSM event that happened in Alberta. Both Leather crafters of Dreams Of Leather have vended at the vent several times, they were most certainly looking forward to the long lengthy travel with their leather products.

For those of us who hadn't made it to the 3 day long event. We're also saddened by the news. We would hope that one day it would rise again. Until then. We'll have to live with the stories that were told over early morning breakfasts.

We haven't given up on you Alberta!  We're looking into new events for nice invasion of BDSM toys and Leather Goods from Dreams Of Leather!

Future of Lupercalia?

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