All  collars are carefully Handcrafted of quality materials to your custom specifications in your choice of Dyed or Undyed Leather lined in your choice of Felt, Faux fur or Rabbit Fur, are reasonably priced and carries the Lifetime Guarantee. Collar Regular


Imagine the comfort imparted by this strong leather Collars  lined in comforting faux fur. While one might think that the faux fur would make this item hot and sweaty around the neck, be assured that the only thing hot and sweaty will be the action this item is used in!

Play Collar








+ Lifetime Guarantee

The play collar has four D-rings to either use as restraints or leashes.


These are not Shock Collars or  Dog Collars, these are Collars for every day serviceable wear or play. As seen in this photo, the Play Collar has four d-rings for properly securing your subject in place during a scene, the major differences between this and Formal, Decorative or Fantasy Collars are Thicker leather and more rings to attach clips, ropes or leashes.

Your submissive will be the envy of all the other submissives at .

Imagine walking into a your local fetish event or private play party, being the envy of all others, be you the submissive, slave, Mistress or Master as these sturdy collars can take all  you can reasonably give the and then some, obviously the sign of a someone who has deeply committed themselves to this Lifestyle and wants something that can with stand the the test of time.

And  with our lifetime guarantee you can rest assured that you will be taken care of with one of these products.

Regular leather collar - comes with one d-ring.

+ Lifetime Guarantee

Consider getting yours today and wrapping it around your submissive's neck and have hours and hours of play time with one of these great collars. Comfortable, usable and affordable and stylish. Get yours today!


All orders shipped from Surrey, BC, Canada.

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