Leather Floggers

Our floggers are all handmade, carefully crafted for prolonged use, no mass production line flogger here. Only using quality materials with time tested methods to construct these long lasting leather floggers.

Tapered Custom Oak handles range from 6 inches up to 11 inches with Handcrafted decorative leather knots leather securing the falls. The leather falls  from 6 inches up to 4 feet, include quality materials such as cowhide, rabbit fur, suede, and ball chain. All Floggers include a protective sock to preserve and maintain in pristine quality to extend the life and beauty of the Leather Floggers.

To rest any fears about the quality or craftsmanship of our leather floggers, Dreams Of Leather  have a Lifetime Guarantee :
Work guaranteed for Repair or Replacement at Dreams of Leather’s determination, shipped at our cost, for any item subjected to Reasonable Use.

Leather Floggers

These are NOT the floggers you see in adult stores, those cheap knock offs that are just waiting to fall apart after a few uses. Sure their price is affordable, now, but how affordable is it when you have to replace them after a few times. Quality is paramount with E.Starr, being the creator of these fine leather  floggers, he actually uses his own floggers.

Ask yourself, did you get a guarantee with the floggers you've bought at the adult store? ... No!

We also provide a lighter weight leather flogger for the Ladies and those with psychical considerations.

DreamsOfLeather.com Single Flogger

+ Lifetime Guarantee

Florentine floggers

Dreams Of Leather have even developed a weight balanced system for those who enjoy the Florentine flogging style so the impact is consistent. This prevents a heavy impact on one side and a lighter impact on the other, so the play with these leather floggers is balanced in a smooth flow. Most recipients will enjoy this style of flogging as it sends them into an altered head space quickly.

The balanced tapered wooden handles help rest the flogger handle in your hands which helps prevent hand fatigue.

*Not as exactly shown. Custom Leather floggers are painted oak handles.

+ Lifetime Guarantee

Please note: Shipping will be calculated during the PayPal process. Base colours are black falls with Oak handles. Custom floggers by Invoiced Quote. All orders shipped from Surrey, BC, Canada.

All Floggers crafted by Dreams of Leather carry a Lifetime Guarantee:
Work guaranteed for Repair or Replacement at Dreams of Leather’s determination, shipped at our cost, for any item  subjected to Reasonable Use.  We are pleased to say this Guarantee has been called upon only twice in 10+ years.

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