Cat-O-Nine Tails


Cat-O-Nine Tails

Start with the Sizes of the Cat-O-Nine Tails you’d like to throw. Each size will have a different characteristics of a throw.

Black & Red Leather Cat-O-Nine Tails comes in 18 inch lengths.

Black Leather Cat-O-Nine Tails comes in 17, 20 & 26 inch lengths.

Only Black Suede comes in 21 inch length.

Length is determined by the distance between the Turks Head Knots (at handle base and end of fall) not including the tips/tails.

Then select the Colour ( or Color ).

Finally select the Material.




Our Leather Cat-o-nine-tails;

    • are unique as they are all hand- cut, braided and assembled in Canada.
    • are made using the best leathers and suedes.
    • have a solid oak handle which: Is cleanable with alcohol or soap & water.  Also the handles are tapered to minimize the possibility of slippage while in use.
    • comes with a flogger sock to protect from tangled falls as well as dust & dirt

    Cat-O-Nine Tails FAQ
    What is the difference between rolled and not rolled materials?
    Texture, the rolled can also be used for sensation play.
    Which is best? ( Rolled or Not Rolled )
    Personal preference, both cats throw the same, just the textured not rolled some prefer over the smooth rolled versions.

  •  *** Unless otherwise stated, everything we make can be customized. ***

    Cat-O-Nine Tails

Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 28 × 15 × 20 cm

16, 17, 18, 19, 20 Rolled, 21, 26


Black, Red & Black, Suede


Leather, Suede


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