Florentine Floggers – paired



Florentine flogging are two similarly weighted floggers used in the form of rhythmic flogging, while in a BDSM scene. They do take time getting used to the rhythm, it can be the source of a pleasurable scene between consenting adults. 

Made with quality leather, wood and finishes, Dreams Of Leather  Lifetime Guarantee you can rest assured your floggers are ready to play another day.

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Soft leather falls with squared ends help deliver the right amount of thud for your willing play partner. The tapered handles cradles in your hands, less likely to become tired after some use. And you'll be using these a lot more than you would normal store bought floggers.

Florentine floggers

Dreams Of Leather has even developed a weight balanced system for those who enjoy the Florentine flogging style so the impact is consistent. This prevents a heavy impact on one side and a lighter impact on the other, so the play with these leather floggers is balanced in a smooth flow. Most recipients will enjoy this style of flogging as it sends them into an altered head space quickly and reliably .

These are for Two Twinned floggers. They are equally balanced and weighted.

DreamsOfLeather.com Dual Flogger

Florentine Floggers - paired


*** Unless otherwise stated, everything we make can be customized. ***

Additional information

Weight 2.0 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 20 cm
Colour Combinations

Black – Red, Black – Purple, Blue – Black, Tan, Black, Red, Pink, Teal & Black


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