This behemoth of a leather flogger stands almost 4 feet tall. Which Thumper demands enough space to be thrown in.

A count of 50 leather falls and measures a staggering a total of 50 inches! 

Is Thumper a Flogger or, a Whip?

Can you decide?

Note: Thumper is NOT for the novice thrower!!

Each Thumper is handmade when ordered. We allow 30 days for creation after order and payment has been received.

Click on the photos to get a sense of how enormous Thumper truly is!




Thumper (50 falls x 39" [99.06 cm] ) 

This behemoth of a leather flogger stands almost 4 feet tall.  Taller than some bottoms who get to experience this truly unique flogger.

THIS IS A HEAVY FLOGGER!  Strong arms are required to wield all heaviness of pounds of leather of Thumper. Lacquered tapered wooden handle that requires both hands. Longer flogger sock made for Thumper, to keep all the falls protected and safe. Thumper's flogger sock also allows for a totally different sensation during play.

Thumper also will need a place to hang, by the attached strap.

The person who wields this impressive flogger, would have to throw Thumper like a broad sword. Each throw would have to be carefully calculated before the throw. Also the thrower would have to stand some distance away from the willing participant, as this flogger will easily wrap around the willing participant, if allowed.

Even to the seasoned thrower, we recommend trying Thumper on a couch first, just to get a feel. And when throwing Thumper remember your surroundings and the Ceiling, Ceiling fans, Wall ornaments, Hanging Wall Curio Cabinets, Hanging lanterns ( hopefully not while lit. ),Paintings, Side tables, Larger Tables, Chairs, ( There's even been reports of a Thumper defeating an empty keg in a Pub once ) ..etc.

Tail of the Tape:

  • 50 Falls.
  • 39 inches of Leather. [99.06 cm]
  • Tapered Wooden handle available in 11 inch or 16 inch ( Shown. Please specify length when ordering through this page. )
  • Each Thumper is Hand Made.
  • Total Measure: 127cm ( 50in. )

Measuring in at Almost 4 Feet!!

With it's enormity this flogger, Thumper demands space to in which to be thrown it in. In a public kink setting people have been known to use spotters to keep spectators and other scenes safe. Thumper will and has relocated BDSM furniture, and regular furniture, plus patio furniture, tables, chairs, ceiling fans, ceiling tiles, festive decorations, regular event decorations, stanchions, and empty beer kegs.. to say the least. Be Careful when throwing Thumper, we're serious!
We're NOT joking, Thumper most certainly needs room to be thrown!

Again,  Thumper is NOT for the novice thrower!




*** Unless otherwise stated, everything we make can be customized. ***

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 50 × 99 × 3 cm



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