Some testimonials on our leather floggers, cuffs, collars, and much more of our leather products!

We include our Lifetime Guarantee on all our leather products.

We will be adding more once we receive them.

"I own a Thumper. It MOVES people, while on dungeon equipment."

CT - New Westminster, BC.

"My cuffs are awesome! They're almost custom fit."

AN - Victoria, BC.

'I purchased my floggers over 5 years ago, I am still very impressed with their construction and their durability. They are truly exquisite! '

Rob from Surrey , BC.

'I love my bracers, cuffs and collar, they look awesome!'

M.D. Surrey , BC.

'I've used other regular store bought floggers, however they never really did last long with normal use. Dreams of Leather floggers give me the right amount of Sting or Thud that leaves an impression upon my play partners. '

C.P. Vancouver, BC.


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